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Vigour 300 - 30 pills

Price: 99.00€
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Model: 1 frasco = 30 comprimidos

Vigour 300 - 30 pills
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What is Vigour 300?

Vigour 300 is a natural supplement that is not subject to prescription, is known by many as the natural substitute for Viagra, with greater effectiveness and a faster effect, and in addition it’s not only a stimulant but is also an aphrodisiac, generating stronger and durable erections, it also increases the sexual appetite. Vigour 300 is the result of several years of research, it’s a natural supplement based on plant extracts which have long been known and used to treat impotence and enhance the delivery of sperm. It’s used to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction and prolong sexual intercourse.

According to several clinical studies, men taking medications for heart problems may also take Vigour 300 revealing also that it can significantly lower blood pressure because it increases blood flow, improving its irrigation.

Before buying Vigour 300, we recommend that you book an appointment with a specialist in the area to discuss general health and whether you are physically fit to be able to take a supplement of this nature.

What are the benefits of Vigour 300?

-Allows an fast and consistent erection

-Improves performance and sexual desire

-Reduces sexual fatigue, open the way for other ejaculations

-Slows down the phase of ejaculation

-Activate renal function

-Increases the testicular secretion

-Helps prevent prostate disease and similar diseases

-Increases blood flow


Each Vigour 300 box contains: 10 or 30 tablets in doses of 300mg.

Administration and dosage

Take one tablet 10 to 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, with a 24 hour pause between intakes.

How to take Vigour 300 and how it works?

Take only one tablet of Vigour 300 10 to 30 minutes before intercourse. Vigour 300 is recommended to take with little food for a faster reaction. Vigour 300 tablet will work within 10 to 30 minutes and what it does is allow more blood to enter into the penis blood vessels and is retained for longer period, helping to get a stronger and durable erection as long as sexual stimulation is present, improves self-confidence and increases the desire by generating the production of endorphins, the hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure.

Does Vigour 300 have side effects?

Vigour 300 in exceptional cases may manifest side effects, for example a headache, upset stomach, runny nose, or inflame a certain part of face or body. These side effects will disappear within a few hours, as soon as you stop getting sexually aroused. If you have a side effect that bothers you for a long time, we recommend contacting your doctor or one of our physicians.

Vigour 300 can be taken with alcohol?

Yes it can. However, when mixing alcohol and Vigour 300, you probably are not going to get an effective erection. To get the best results, do not drink large amounts of alcohol before or while taking Vigour 300.

Why should I buy Vigour 300 in Herbasolution?

Herbasolution is established in Europe since 2005 and hundreds of customers buy our products regularly. These hundreds of customers are proof of the effectiveness of the professional service provided by Herbasolution and high quality of our products.

Herbasolution collaborates with medical professionals and clinics in Portugal, Europe and in the world. In addition, Herbasolution has a team of professionals at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which you can contact whenever you wish in case that you have any questions or if you need any clarification, either by phone or by e-mail.

How can I buy Vigour 300?

It’s very simple, check out in detail the entire purchase process on page terms and conditions, or briefly proceed in the following way: select the desired product, click add to cart, then click finalize in the next step you should register by entering your personal data, select the shipping method and payment desired, remembering that all data are personal and will never be disclosed under any circumstances and that all shipments are 100% discreet.

Who should I contact if I need more information?

If you need more information or have any questions regarding Vigour 300mg, you can always contact our customer support through our contact page, or by e-mail . We are always ready to help you in whatever way possible.

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